Kael Park Spanish Arabians

Australia's Source of Spanish Arabian Breeding.

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Pictured above, Baghira era with Leiara up and Lisa. 

Please note we are working on updating this site..

we have not put prices or marked who is for sale at this stage-we will over time, but until then, if a horse interests you and you would like more information- please email or contact us on facebook.

 Kael Park Spanish Arabian Stud after many years research and opportunity, have incorporated what we felt were the best of Spanish breeding available in Australia. We feel it is important to maintain a small nucleus of Pure Spanish breeding for ourselves and then outcross into our Spanish related program. So you will see a variety of lines and unusual blends, as we do not follow the traditional style of combining Spanish breeding. Conformation and temperament are paramount to us..we do not follow fads or pretty head breedings.. though there are many pretty Arabians here. 

Most of our photos herein are basic paddock pics of the horses, but just in a nice show halter, some are professional photos we had taken, but au naturel..

please email us if you would like to have any information about spanish horses.

  Lisa_Loranger@yahoo.com.au   or bkrysha@y7mail.com